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In these times, most people avoid taking the untrodden paths, leave alone carving out a new path altogether! However, we at Sark Projects believe that this is also a frontier time. Where, the old way must give way to a confidence to surpass everything we believed was the best. And, create true and genuine happiness. We ensure that the Economics of Happiness remains a critical part of the architecture of our every endeavor.

Real estate investment decisions aren’t easy. Particularly, the ones that relate to buying a home. That is because, quite often, customers are kept in dark of the finer details of the offering. Eventually, they get some thing that is out of line with their expectations leading to great disappointment. At Sark Projects, transparency is our core value.

We take every caution to ensure that you get complete details of the Sark offering; from raw materials to processes to furnishings. We believe in a path that is free of hidden agendas or conditions. We believe in full information.

Every Sark offering comes with a promise; of delivering ever lasting moments, every single day. The warmth, liveliness, safety, comfort, complete peace of mind and an intimate tryst with nature are elements interwoven into each of our offerings. Come, take a dive into our magical Sark world. As always, we let you script your happiness and well-being.

- Sarin Katta



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